Welcome to the official web site of Tripura State Designated Agency, Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited for implementation of Energy Conservation Act 2001 in the state of Tripura.Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited had started functioning w.e.f 1st January 2005.Subsequently TSECL has taken over the entire existing network along with asset of erstwhile Department of Power for operating and maintaining the power supply industry in the State of Tripura. The State has a Population of 31.91 Lakhs as per 2001 census spread over 10,486 sq. km. in 4 Districts comprising of 4 major towns and 870 villages.The state is predominantly agrarian with a few small scale industries based on Tea,Rubber, Timber, Bamboo etc.
       There are 4.5 lakhs of electricity consumers in the state. The peak Power and Energy requirement of the state is around 200 MW and 800 MU respectively. The energy consumption is predominantly domestic in nature. The energy saving potential is roughly estimated to be in the tune of 100 MU in lighting sector only. By end of the 11th plan period, the peak Powerand Energy demand will exceed 300 MW and 1000 MU respectively which is a matter of concern.